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“I love discounts, but meeting strangers to buy stuff can be a bit iffy, with POD, I can shop locally and check-out right on my phone. Everyone should have this!!!”

— Lisa, 24

Safe and Secure.

Fast and Convenient.

  • Get the best deals while they last. No driving, waiting, or scams.
  • See first, pay only if you keep it. Send it back for free if you don’t.
  • No sketchy meet-ups.
    Shop, order, pay from your couch.
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  • Get the best deals fast. No waiting or driving, just click to check-out.
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  • You set the price, we make sure you get paid.
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Deal confidently on:

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“"Finally a side hustle I can do at home without taking time away from my kids!"”

— Joe, 34

illustration of items that can be bought and sold on PayOnDelivery

How POD works: 

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Step 1

Find great deals on stuff you love on Craigslist, Facebook, OfferUp, and more!

Step 2

Get it delivered today. Or shop nationwide and receive it in 3-5days. 

Step 3

You get a full day to test your item. Send it back if something is wrong. 

Step 4

After you confirm your item, we send the payment to the seller instantly. 

Step 1

List your item on any marketplace as usual and add a POD check-out link.

Step 2

As a seller you can offer Local Same Day delivery or FedEx anywhere shipping. No more driving around. 

Step 3

We will send a direct deposit to your bank account when the seller accepts the item. 

Step 4

Repeat and profit. Keep selling its easier to flip when you use POD. 

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Simply Put

If you want to win the trust of people, win the hottest deals, or win at life...

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