Date: 10/29/17 7:00 AM
Author: Kelly Smith

You already know all there is to about sneakers. Here are the little things you can do to get the best offers on the sneakers you sell on Facebook marketplace and in buy and sell groups .

Use natural lighting to get the best angles of your Kicks

A lighting set-up is expensive and unless you are a YouTube star earning bucks of your videos and pics, I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, go all natural and take pics of your sneakers outdoors. It also gives you a chance to play around with the setting - prop your sneakers up on boxes, on top of your car, against the backdrop of a bayou ….. In short outdoor shooting gives you lot of options along with the best results.

Know The Five Picture Rule

Our research showed that Sneakerheads who sell the most on Facebook groups have at least 5 pictures for each of the products that they list on Facebook groups. With more pictures, the buyer gets to verify the state of the product and also get a better feel for it. You are out to take pictures anyway, so taking a couple more extra shots would be a 10 minute investment that can get you a disproportionate return

Create Your Personal Brand

It helps spread word of mouth if you develop your own personal brand - you could be the guy who only sells Yeezy’s or the guy who won’t entertain a single bargain or the seller who sets comment trolls on fire. Building a brand would obviously take a sustained effort, so if you are not in it for the long run, don’t bother with this tip.

Engage the buyer, ignore the lowballer

Among the people who comment on the products you post, be mindful to ignore the lowballers and comment trolls - by entertaining a conversation with them you are letting them potentially hijack your post. It goes without saying that you should personally engage every lead you get from genuine customers

Finish with a Flourish

Giving a deliberate, crafted experience to a fellow sneaker-head who buys from you will come in handy in the long run - word spreads fast in the sneaker community in Houston and other cities.

For an above the ordinary experience:

  • You can offer Fedex same day delivery for fellow sneakerheads in your same city
  • You can package the sneakers perfectly, along with a handwritten note
  • You can offer a pay on delivery service where the customer payment gets transferred to you only 24 hours after the product has been delivered, giving him time to check and confirm the product . This will help you sell the product faster as the customer can trust you without having transacted with you before

PayOnDelivery is a payment and delivery platform we have built that helps you finish your sale with a flourish.

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