Date: 10/21/17 7:00 AM
Author: Kelly Smith

The past few years have seen a proliferation in new online payment methods coming into the marketplace. With these new technologies, however, comes the need for enhanced security measures. Did you know that roughly 75 percent of online merchants believe the growing number of markets, purchasing channels, and payment methods create serious challenges in effectively fighting fraud? Or that a staggering 50 percent of online merchants say that it is a challenge for them to keep up with online fraud trends?

There aren’t just risks for sellers, but also for buyers. Sites like Craigslist are great for finding affordable, used products, but the risks of buying secondhand are real. What happens if you purchase an iPhone from someone who seems reputable, but once you get the phone home, it doesn’t work? Or, what if you found a great used laptop, but you are apprehensive about going to meet a stranger alone to make the payment and pick up the item? Or what happens if you want to buy a product from a website you’ve never heard of and can’t discern whether it is reputable?

PayOnDelivery is designed to help meet the need for enhanced security in the world of online payments. PayOnDelivery is a unique new online payment platform that allows buyers to securely complete transactions with unknown sellers in social marketplaces and free onlinopen .e marketplaces, such as Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist, and much more! PayOnDelivery is committed to mitigating the risk associated with financial transactions with unknown parties, facilitating a safe and secure transaction process on both the buyer side and seller side. We work to take the unknown out of e-commerce, helping prevent fraud and facilitate safe online transactions.

PayOnDelivery’s payment engine knows exactly when the purchased item purchased has been is shipped, as well as and when it’s delivered. This, ensuresing that a buyer does not pay for a purchased item until after it’s delivered.

Why choose PayOnDelivery? Let’s take a look at some of the unique benefits that this service has to offer.

Protecting Buyer Security

Buying with PayOnDelivery is easy. All you need to do is share your personal PayOnDelivery page with the seller to initiate the transaction. PayOnDelivery’s sophisticated security measures protect buyer security to ensure safe and secure transactions.

Protecting buyers’ rights: With PayOnDelivery, you will never be charged for an item until after it has been shipped and you have received it. We give you a full 24 hours to validate your purchase after it has been received. Only once you are sure that you are completely satisfied with the item will we remove the money from your account.

Maintaining buyer safety. Meeting a stranger you met online to buy a product, whatever that product might be, can be a nerve-wracking and uncomfortable experience. After all, who wants to go pay someone they don’t know for a product they have never seen? PayOnDelivery eliminates this discomfort factor. There is no need to meet with sellers to exchange payment — everything is done online. Preventing shipping fraud: PayOnDelivery prevents shipping fraud, ensuring that you will never be overcharged for shipping on one of your purchases. Securing personal information and sensitive data: PayOnDelivery holds allbuyer information (including name, address, credit card numbers, debit card numbers, etc.) in highly compliant PCI facilities to ensure that your personal information and sensitive data are treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. You personal data will never be shared — that’s the PayOnDelivery promise. Guaranteed Payments

Actually receiving payment after you have shipped a good is a major concern for many sellers in online marketplaces. JP Morgan’s 2012 Online Fraud Report revealed that merchants lose a total of 1 percent of all online revenue to fraud, a 33 percent increase from 2011, and online merchants say they reject an average of 2.8 percent of orders due to suspicions of fraud. With PayOnDelivery, sellers never have to worry about buyers failing to make payments, helping mitigate the risk of buyer fraud. You won’t have to worry about a buyer who fraudulently says he or she never received your product and doesn’t want to pay, because PayOnDelivery tracks the entire payment process from start to finish. The system knows when the seller sent the item and when the buyer received it. If nothing goes wrong, PayOnDelivery takes a hands-off approach, but if there is a problem, our support team will help to mediate it. It is all around a much safer option than other types of payment, such as money orders, cashier’s checks, and wire transfers. With PayOnDelivery, you always get paid, or you get your item back. As a seller, this saves you time and money.

Lower Transaction Fees

We understand that sellers don’t want to pay costly transaction fees in order to receive payment. That is why PayOnDelivery offers lower transaction fees to help you maximize your bottom line. There are never any hidden fees or extra costs.

Sell Faster with Social Media Sharing Features Social selling is playing an increasingly important role in e-commerce. 82 percent of prospects can now be reached via social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and social selling can be shown to dramatically boost a merchant’s sales. PayOnDelivery is ideal for social selling, allowing sellers to easily sell their products through their social media accounts. The first step is to create a listing on, a process comparable to creating a listing on Amazon or eBay. Once your items are listed on the site, you can easily share them across you social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Oodle, and eBay Classifieds. These social selling features help sellers to sell products faster by increasing exposure.

Seamless Integration into Websites for Easy Payment Processing With the PayOnDelivery API, third-party apps and websites can easily integrate the payment platform. This ensures that any seller or merchant can offer the PayOnDelivery service to his or her customer base, facilitating safe and secure online transactions. The PayOnDelivery API gives developers complete access to the PayOnDelivery platform, including the platform’s cornerstone feature that controls the release of funds until the product has the product and is satisfied with it, as well as the tracking and oversight of the shipping process.

PayOnDelivery Is Already Receiving Rave Reviews

PayOnDelivery was featured on Product Hunt in April, and we received rave reviews. PayOnDelivery will continue to situate itself as a rising star in the world of e-commerce and online payment platforms, helping to facilitate safe and secure online transactions.

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