Date: 11/4/17 7:00 AM
Author: Kelly Smith

Venmo has become one of the most recognisable products in payment in the last couple of years. At the core of the “Venmo experience” is the ease of use of the app and the much touted social network where you could see the payments that your friends make.

Venmo has been marketed as a fun and easy to use product, but underneath the surface is a 27 page user agreement, infraction of which has lead to thousands of Venmo users being banned from the platform.It is pretty hard to get back in once you have been banned, and it would seem outright crazy to spend your weekend reading the now infamous 27 page user agreement.

So, I have gone ahead and compiled a summary of the essential parts of the user agreement. The idea is to give you an overview of what you may get banned for and to let you know the alternatives that you have.

Venmo doesn’t want you to be a part-time seller

You can create two kinds of accounts on Venmo - Personal or Business. As the names suggest, you can use Venmo to sell things only if you are registered as a business with Venmo - and it does not have the same straight forward registration as the personal account (The one that you used to pay your friends and family). So unless you are a registered seller, forget about paying using Venmo for Craigslist, OfferUp or the Facebook Marketplace.

Venmo looks for “Keywords” in your transactions

Venmo can track words that you use in your transactions, and if the words you use indicate transactions that are prohibited on Venmo, you will get blocked. For example, you may get banned if you buy a TV from your friend and pay for it using Venmo with the statement “Paying for TV”, because the robots at Venmo will understand it to be a business transaction between two people who do not have business accounts.

Know the items you can’t sell on Venmo

Venmo has a huge list of things that you can’t sell, and a huge list of behaviours that can get you banned, you do not need to read the whole user agreement to know those. You can go ahead and read the relevant three sections here - 12,13 and 14

Venmo is notorious for “false positives” or banning transactions that are legal but trigger filters that have been set

The reason a lot of people use Venmo for buying and selling locally is because of the lack of availability of other tools that they can trust but it seems that Venmo is not interested in serving this set of customers, which is the reason we built Payondelivery.

Payondelivery is a payment and delivery platform built specially for local, online buyers and sellers. It allows you to safely buy and sell online, locally and get products delivered with FedEx same day delivery

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