Two things that may be keeping you from buying or selling more on online marketplaces such as Facebook marketplace, Craigslist and OfferUp:

  • Lack of trust
  • The inconvenience of exchanging goods

PayOnDelivery helps you sell more online by solving these problems.

PayOnDelivery provides buyers the convenience of FedEx sameday or nationwide shipping.

It also protects buyers from losing their money on dubious deals. For example, you might find a great deal on a used laptop on Craigslist, but feel uneasy about sending a money order or PayPal payment for an item you don’t have in your hands. Naturally, you’re worried you’re going to pay, but end up never actually getting the laptop.

PayOnDelivery ensures you only pay for the laptop when it arrives at your house and in the condition you were promised. It works with craigslist and other classified sites so you can buy from anyone without the fear of getting ripped off.

Why Use PayOnDelivery to Buy from online marketplaces?

  • You pay nothing until you receive your item
  • We manage the shipping process so you can’t be overcharged or scammed
  • If you don’t like what you received, you can return it without any hassle

1. Login to PayOnDelivery using your email and password

2. Go to the navigation bar and hover over your user information. Then click 'Account Info'

3. Go to the Receiving Account section located just under your basic profile information.

4. Input your routing number, account number and then the type of account that it is your are using (checkings or savings). We give you a diagram of how to find these numbers using a check for your account. If you do not have a check, most banks now store your details online in your account. We recommend you login to your banks online portal and finding those details.

1. Click on your name in the navigation bar and click on the Account Info link

2. From there, there are three split up sections on this page where you can control your basic account information including name, phone number; the bank account you wish to have associated with your account (for payouts); and the credit card associated with your account to purchase items or payouts.

3. Simply click on the edit button located in the top right hand corner of each section to unlock the section and change the information. If there is no information for that section e.g. you don't have a credit card associated with your account, the section will already be open to input your details.

With PayOnDelivery, we allow Facebook Group Admins to make money from the transactions taking place in their own groups. By signing up to PayOnDelivery's Facebook Group referral program, admins can earn $1 from each transaction that occurs from a user selling items in that group.

Your password can be changed by clicking on your username in the navigation menu and clicking the “Change Password” button.

Once you have clicked on this button, you will be taken to the reset password page where you can then reset your password.

To reset your password, simply click on the login button located in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Once you have clicked on this, it will open a pop-up where there is a button that says: "I do not remember my password".

Once you have clicked on this, it will take you to http://www.payondelivery.com/forgot-password

PayOnDelivery is designed to have near zero bad transactions, but in the rare case you have a dispute, this is how you can resolve it.

In the event that a buyer has filed a return of the product you delivered but did not return the product you delivered/returned a damaged product, you can sent a mail to sellersupport@payondelivery.com and we will respond back to you in a couple of hours with the course of action you have to take. Rest assured, we will ensure that the dispute is resolved fairly.

Your payment is transferred to the seller only 24 hours after you have received the product. In case the product you got is damaged or is not the one you were promised, you can use this time to return the product.

  • Your transaction is cancelled and the money (that was pre-authorised but not transferred) returns back to your account
  • We sent you a shipping label to return the item with FedEx SameDay. You will have to cover the small shipping cost of returning the product.
  • The item is returned to the seller. The seller can replace the item by initiating a new transaction with you or you can choose to buy the item from someone else

With PayOnDelivery, you can create an item and start selling it in less than one minute. Here is a simple guide on how to get started:

To get started, go to https://www.payondelivery.com and create an account using your Facebook profile (or sign up through email)

On PayOnDelivery, we partner with FedEx to give you the most reliable shipping service in the world. From regular Express shipping, to SameDay deliveries - we allow buyers to select the best shipping options for them.

For shipping costs, FedEx prices according to the sellers location and your own address.

1. Payment Link

Create a payment link and post it on your listing or send it to your buyer. Once the buyer clicks on the payment button you get a notification to ship the item.

2. Payment Pending

Payment for the item is secured in the buyer’s account. The transaction is pending until the item is delivered. Think of us as the trusted broker holding onto the money until the sale happens on the terms agreed.

3. Get ready for Delivery services

Once the offer is accepted, prepare your package and wait for FedEx or Postmates to come pick up the package from the address provided.

4. Product Shipped and Delivered

With Same day delivery, the product gets delivered in as little as two hours! FedEx and Postmates makes sure that your buyer gets the item faster.

5. Get Paid

24 hours after delivery, the transaction is complete! Your payment gets deposited into your bank account.

1. Create an offer and send to the seller

Sign into your PayOnDelivery account. Send the offer to the seller to complete the transaction.

2. Seller accepts your offer

Seller accepts and enters the location they’re be shipping from.

3. Pick your shipping method

Once we have the seller’s location, you’ll get a notification to pick your preferred shipping method. You can get your item delivered in as little as 2 hours! (powered by Postmates SameDay). You also have a nationwide shipping option (FedEx).

4. Item Shipped to you

Your item is shipped to you. You do not pay until after the item is delivered. Payment for the item is held in your account until item delivery is confirmed.

5. Your item is delivered!

Once your item is delivered, make sure that it fits the description and pictures you agreed with your seller. Transaction is complete!

If you have any issues with the item, just log in to your PayOnDelivery account, print the return label that is available for 24 hours after delivery, and wait for the item to get returned to the seller.

With PayOnDelivery's integration with FedEx and Postmates, we make it easy to ship items to anyone around the US or in your local area.

FedEx Nationwide: Take item to your nearest FedEx, print label and box item.

Local Same Day: a Postmates driver will come pick up the item no label or box needed.

PayOnDelivery accepts all major credit cards including:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • And more (All major credit cards accepted)

Pay for your items using any of the above credit cards and you'll receive your item as fast as you would like!

For Buyers

We do not charge you any fee for buying from PayOnDelivery. The only cost you have to cover apart from the product cost is the shipping fee, which will vary depending on how far from the seller you are located and on the type of delivery you choose.

For Sellers

Selling items using PayOnDelivery will cost you a simple transaction fee of 5% of each sale you make.

PayOnDelivery has you covered if something goes wrong with the shipment of an item or if the item was not even shipped.

When you are purchasing an item using PayOnDelivery you are not charged until the item has been confirmed delivered. When you are purchasing an item and you input your credit card details, your card is only in pre-auth which means if we do not receive shipping confirmation in 24 hours, we automatically cancel the transaction.

PayOnDelivery is a payment and delivery platform for local, online shopping. It is the safest and most convenient way to complete payment for purchases from online peer to peer marketplaces such as Facebook marketplace, Craigslist and OfferUp. We also provide same day and nationwide shipping so that you can get your item delivered without hassle

With PayOnDelivery, you no longer have to rely on cash transactions and personal meet ups to trade items. Everything happens online. When you buy using PayOnDelivery, you get 24 hours to return the product.

We require a valid payment card to ensure that the funds required to complete the transaction are available when the item is delivered. When the buyer enters in payment and initiates a delivery, a hold for the transaction amount is placed on the buyer's payment card. This will show up as a "PENDING" transaction on the buyer's payment card account. 24 hours after the item is delivered, the debit from the buyer's payment card is then finalized.

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